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If you are an adult webmaster nobody knows better than you that you need fresh unique content delivered daily. We have discovered an awesome website that provides articles for your enjoyment these include adult articles in over 30 different categories. Because this website uses some sort of uniqueness tool you can generally grab a unique article simply by pushing refresh. If you are getting these articles delivered to you then you may find some odd characters.

Adult articles

This can be fixed by the addition of one of their word press plug-ins, while not all of their articles are of the uniqueness generating type many are so you can from time to time find a slight problem. Now if you are just using the feed with slick rss so that you know when a new article or story has been released then its perfect. You can visit the website and refresh yourself a unique version then this is for you.

The Adult Articles rss feed:

The Low Down On Adultplr Adult Articles feed

Adultplr offers adult webmasters the opportunity to sign up and get adult articles sent to their website. Our articles are only of an Adult nature so if thats what you are looking for please sign up. We have a brief rundown on how to use their uniqueness option.

  1. Sign Up to their feed with slick rss
  2. On Update Visit their site
  3. Push browser refresh
  4. copy article
  5. Paste article on website
  6. Leave links in place (no more than 2)
  7. Thats It

It is quiet an easy system and allows you to really update when they update, because they have articles in categories like bi, lesbian, gay, sex , sextoys and possibly anything else you can imagine than this is absolutely perfect for  the adult webmaster that needs a reminder to update their site.

Webmaster Name: Jack jackson
Site Hosting Country: US
Short Words To describe Site: Adult articles , adult stories


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