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A Little About Adult Fetish : Adults fetish online sex toys shop-Find the best sex toys to spice up your sex life and adult toys arouse your appetite. Great selection of Dildos, Sex toys. Ok this is what the webmaster reckons of his website, and we must say the site is notAdult Fetish a bad one as adult shopping sites go but you will need to read on to know our thoughts.

Adult Fetish Rss Feed: (shit feed stay clear)

Feed Test Results for this Adult Fetish Site

With this feed it was easy to review because it was so bad, in fact there were only 5 things on the feed which is what I think you get from the free account at feedity. Now as we clicked through the feed we got a pop up trying to sell us a rss feed, boom this is a turn off right there we already have a rss feed any way don’t bother wasting your feed readers time steer clear. This may actually be the worst feed we have ever seen.

[rss feed=”” num=”5″ excerpt=”false”/]

What We thought of Adult Fetish Overall:

Now this site was a very nice site and we liked it a lot it would of probably scored higher except for the rss feed. It was shit, for a start when you clicked the link in the feed you didn’t go straight to the site and if you actually wanted to go to the site you will have trouble finding the link to get through its hidden on the pop up. so the site is good but the feed is rubbish. We have give the site 2 stars but really if you want to stay up to date with adult fetish gear go somewhere else. Yes it got 2 stars but because of the feed probably should of been 1.

Webmaster Name: adultsfetish
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: Bondage Gear

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