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A Little About Adult News Feeds From : Here we have the big daddy of all Adult News Feeds in the adult industry, it is, this site is probably the industry standard when it comes to Adult news and information. They have been around since porn was just a back door and shady business. And it has really come of age and offers everything you needed to know or have in the way of Adult Industry news. We have tried to take our time with this one so that you can get the most informed review possible. We think this time we have covered these Adult News Feeds in such a way that you can quickly join the most appropriate one.

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Xbiz The Worlds Adult News Feeds

Generally we just focus on the one feed and describe its content and quality but Xbiz has so many awesome Adult News Feeds that we are going to cover the ones we think are the most important for our customers. But if you want a full list of feeds then  you will find the page link at the bottom of this write up just click on the web address and you will go straight through .

  • Adult News And Editorial: Their main feed they like to promote and is , according to them is the most popular and it is their all news feed it is a combination of all their feeds in one and is constantly updated. News Feeds
  • Adult Tech News: If you are interested in the latest web and technology news then this is the feed for you, it has some cutting technological insight that begs for all you techno phoebes to sign up to
  • Adult Video News: As we know porn has grown over the years on the back of Video’s and while the video cassette is long and dead the real focus of porn is now movies and clips, if you want the latest video news simple follow this feed
  • Sex Toy News: They call this adult novelty news and this is where the growth in the years to come will be ” in my opinion”, it has the latest toy releases and in-depth insight that keeps industry and retail customers informed
  • Adult Retail News: As an adult retailer you know that general publications and information just won’t do the job that’s where this feed comes in its articles and stories are targeted to our specific industry its insightful and informative
  • Gay News: As a specific niche this is huge and deserves it own dedicated news source, it is specifically targeted to keeping the alternative life style aficionado fully informed
  • European News: Europe was and some would still say the place where the porn industry was started after all who doesn’t love German porn this feed covers the comings and goings of European porn industry
  • Adult Mobile News: This is without doubt where the growth is coming in the future all websitess need to be mobile because every single customer can now access your website and information online from anywhere in the world at anytime so stay up with the latest at
  • Adult Clothing News: This is the latest news for adult apparel, with latest sexiest clothes and underwear as it hits the market it is the perfect way to keep your website, customers and staff up to date with the latest clothing trends
  • Adult Legal News: This is the last feed we will be covering from Xbiz and possibly their most important it’s the legal feed with in depth articles covering adult business it is a must have for anybody operating in our market, you can sign up here

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