Adult Rss Feed About Us And What We do

Firstly you want to know what rss is well here you go, so know you want to know about our Adult Rss Feed and what we are all about well that’s just what this page is for. We have been in the Adult business for a number of years and we discovered something that was seriously lacking a way for people to find fresh content from adult websites. We you can use google but that is a little airy fairy. Hit and miss depending on their feeling about you that day.


So we decided to build a search engine , just joking , what we found with the problematic results on google and the lack of adversing options that it was hard for Webmasters to find customers and customers to find web-masters and quiet frankly all the options were expensive.

The Adult Rss Rating system

Adult Rss Feed Rating Sytem

How Much Is Adult Rss

Well this is another good question, we decided to make it free to adult web-masters and free to customers. The problem is it cost money to manage a website and run servers and employ writers, so you will from time to time see a little advertising . We intend for this to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Why Do You need An Adult Rss feed

Well the reason is it makes it easy for your customers to get your content delivered fresh. So when you update your site they get an instant update. Weather it is shopping or , chat or dating if its an adult feed we want it. We are not just going to have the usual link farm rubbish we do not ask for links in return. We ask that you spend some care with your submissions so that our website remains quality and people want to come here to find your feed.

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