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A Little About Adult Video Downloads from Xmalina : Find the best porn videos with our Free Porn Videos Blog it has free releases and updates. is always updating and adding more free porn video’s daily. All porn videos are 100% free and accessible without a Xmalina member account. Right so that’s what the webmaster thinks , now we went to the site and initially thought it was a tube site, because this webmaster has put it under adult rss news we had a closer look and there isn’t really a category that we could put it into so we left it in the news section. But once we figured out how it worked we were quietly impressed read on for our review.Adult Video Downloads

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This rss feed was good linked through to the site and didn’t have any advertising so we quiet liked it and it has quiet a few entries and they are all different so its a good feed if you want to know the latest adult video downloads available.

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Xmalina Adult Video Downloads site review:

Well this site Xmalina offers Adult Video Downloads there are 2 problems that kept it from getting 5 stars the first is that you have to sign up to get the movies they are a little hard to find and the second problem is you don’t know what you are downloading IE the type of file. Also I don’t know how they are making money because the file I downloaded was a torrent and it led to a porn movie some lead to RAR or zip files which I stay well clear of on porn sites. So I suppose you could sort of call it a torrent site. While we don’t condone free downloads this one may actually be legit we are giving it a nice 4 stars please be carful downloading the RAR files.

Webmaster Name: Manto
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: adults, videos, clips

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