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A Little About Adult Video News Feed : Welcome to our website and rss review previously we wrote about how awesome was but now it has competition. AVN we have discovered is the best place for adult video news and is an amazing source of information on what’s happening in adult entertainment and in particular Adult Video. It has regular updates that refreshes daily if not hourly. The site itself has an awesome array of news and information with great pictures and quality editorial.

Adult Video News Feed Adult rss feed:

Some More Adult Video News Feed Information:

We have to admit after our team visited this site they signed up to a couple of feeds themselves, and they know feeds. We have only had a check of  5 feeds the ones that aren’t covered here are to do with company news in each category.

  • Adult Video Industry Feed: Here you can sign up to the latest in Adult video industry with the industry leaders this feed is great for people who want the latest information on adult video’s Video News Feed
  • Avn technology News : Now this has hundreds of constantly updated articles on all you ever needed to know about the latest Adult Technology news , when we reviewed this feed they had articles on one of our favourite site redtube so stay abreast of this feed
  • Avn Sextoy Rss Feed : A comprehensive collection of the latest toys released as well as regular articles on discussions and how to’s for those that are really into sex toys
  • Gay Industry News: If you are into this dedicated niche than you know more than anybody how important it is to stay abreast of what’s happening in the gay and lesbian sphere that the beauty of this feed you bypass all the other mediocre gay news sites and stay in touch with the one that matters
  • Avn Adult Legal News: Oh yes here we have the feed we all need the Legal news of the adult industry here they cover police raids and international legal happenings as they directly relate to our businesses , covering the range of legal information needed to stay in front


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