Ageless Entertainment by Newgrounds

Newgrounds is, in my opinion, the founder of modern day entertainment online. I remember a good fifteen years ago playing games on newgrounds, direct from my browser, games that users had made themselves, and uploaded for you to play for free. Back in my day, a large majority of the games were “shoot Bin Laden” games, as you can imagine, they were quite popular at the time. But you could also watch short films people at made, like “stickdeath” which is a great series of short films about a stick man who is awesome at martial arts. These are just the tip of the ice burg. After well over a decade of user submissions, Newgrounds has evolved into an entertainment burg.

Ageless Entertainment by Newgrounds

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Newgrounds si basically run by the users. It is of course, run by admins, but the content that goes onto Newgrounds in created by the users, so it is more theirs than the admins. You can find games from all genres, even some naughty R18+ games. You watch movies made for just you and your private time, and movies for the whole family to watch. Art to make even Mozart stop and have a closer look, even if he just looking very carefully at the Hentai.


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This RSS feed will keep you up to date on what is the most popular new content to grace the walls of, and helping you to stay ahead of what your nerd friends are talking about at this weeks game of Magic. There is so much content on this website, that if you really want to dive in and get lost in the entertainment for a few days, then go right ahead. Otherwise, you will need an RSS feed such as this one to help you filter out the dregs, and only taste the best of the week.

It was Professor Richard Dawkins who coined the term Meme. He said it a few decades ago to describe the behaviour and evolution of an idea in comparison to biological evolution, well before the general public even knew there was a need for such a term. But today everyone with mild computer knowledge knows about memes, and Newgrounds was one of the founding fathers of the internet meme of today.

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