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Editors Notes: The webmaster of Aloha tube seems to think you can now view over a billion videos on their website…I found 20. Not 20 appealing to me, but an entirety of 20 videos. Either I have missed something, they’re hiding 1 billion videos, or they’re exaggerating by a factor of about 50 million. I would love the webmaster to explain this to me, because if they do indeed have access to over 1 billion videos that I couldn’t find, then this needs to be addressed ASAP!

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What We thought of Aloha Tube Overall:

Alohatube is a website that has free porn ready for you to stream. They don’t require you to create an account first. This means your email address, phone number, and credit card details are safe.


Alohatube is a very new website. This website is so new that no domain age tools even register it. However, as far as I can tell, the first video was uploaded to this website on the 5th of April 2015.

This website only has 20 videos so far, so it is really hard to review it. As it stands at the moment, well, you can watch all the videos on this website in a few hours. So, aside from a few hours of fun, this website doesn’t seem to have anything else to bring you back to it.

I’m sure their plan is to have heaps of videos and have cornucopia of pornography for you to choose from. But they aren’t even close to that stage yet, and if they only upload 20 videos every month, it’s going to take them a life time to get to the same levels as other free streaming sites, such as redtube.


A Little About Aloha Tube : 

Like I said, it’s hard to review a new website that doesn’t really have any content yet.

Their website looks nice, there isn’t any broken links or videos, and they have all the generic categories set up…But you can do all of that in an afternoon on a free webmaster tool, so that is all kind of meaningless. You should judge a website by it’s content, not simply wether it is up and running or not. There are billions of websites up and running, most of them are terrible. Take how many different websites you use on a monthly period, now divide that by 1,000,000,000 and you will get a rough percentage of how many websites you use out of all the ones available. Is this one of the 0.000000015%? Not yet.


The videos that are on Alohatube are pretty great. I mean, I love porn, and this website has porn videos that are average to good quality, so thumbs up there.


The great thing about this website is that it’s free. In the end, even if this website only has 20 videos till the end of time, they are FREE and completely hassle free.

I can complain because I’m reviewing it, but the consumer has nothing to complain about. They’re free, so enjoy them, then move on. At least until they age a bit. Who knows, they may mature like a good cheese, and in six months time be competitive with even the biggest of dogs on the block. I will then gladly eat this review and do another. Until that day…


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