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Amateur porn is pretty fun to watch. It is like getting an insight into the libido of a stranger. You get to see them doing what they enjoy doing, not doing what they are being paid to do, and this makes a huge difference, it makes everything they do a little more sensual, a little more dirty, and a little more personal. These girls don’t look into the camera because a director told them to, no, they look into the camera because they are getting off on you watching them, just as much as your are watching. But don’t be fooled, these amateur, everyday people, would be doing, and indeed are doing all of these things even when the camera is off.

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Here’s Some Feed Extracts:Amateur videos have such a large range of niches covered. They have videos of themselves showering, of people shaving their misses pussy, of people giving their partners massages, solo masturbation, ass to mouth, up skirt camera reality walks, literally anything you can think of, there is someone doing it for free on camera for their own enjoyment.

All of that being said, there is some really terrible quality videos out there, and some of them are down right boring. So Xhamster has done all the hard work and gathered only the best quality amateur videos, with people who are putting in their all. People of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Not just the most beautiful people (although there are plenty of them) but also videos of the average Joes.


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Xhamster offers you all of these videos and thousands more…for FREE! You don’t even need to join up to start watching, you just go there right now and start watching free amateur videos instantly! There is nothing else to say other than, thank you science, thank you for creating the internet.

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