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The Anal Sphincter (yes you have more than one sphincter), is chock loaded with nerve endings. Thanks to the 1,000 odd nerve endings in the anus, anal sex can be more enjoyable than eating a pepperoni pizza, even if you were like, really hungry. However, the vagina has around 8,000 nerve endings, so the ultimate simulated orgasms would definitely come from some good old team work, double penetration.

Ass Hole Fever Anal
Ass Hole Fever Anal

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Here’s Some Feed Extracts:Thanks to the anus being relatively tight compared to the vagina, it can be a whole lot more enjoyable for the male to penetrate the anus, than it is for them to penetrate the vagina. If this is the case, then the male will be getting more stimulation to his penis than ever before, and the female should be experiencing a new pleasure, one that is not as intense as clitoral stimulation, but when in conjunction with the some clit play, it is an orgasms unmatched by any other sexual act or position.

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Because of the pleasure gained from anal sex, and the pleasure gained from partaking in the taboo (men think anything to do with an ass is gay, go figure), most men will suggest/recommend anal sex to their partners. has done the dauntingly massive job of going through the massive collection of anal porn online, picked out the ones with all the biggest names like; Dominica Fox, Myrna Joy, Meg Magic. Then they picked from this list of elites, the sexiest, horniest, most insatiable ladies they could find, and made sure they knew how to take a cock in the ass. So cum and join and listen to the screams of pleasure and pain as they get fucked senseless, then marvel at the huge gaping hole dripping with cum, and the exasperated look on a well pleased lady.

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