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Anal sex is a favourite of many people. There isn’t any evolutionary advantage to anal sex, at least, it doesn’t product children, and so does nothing to further the genetic chain of the human race. However, if you look it from more of a socio-economic stand point, it could be quite important to the future of our species. I don’t consider this an evolutionary advantage because I don’t see what it has to do evolution, if anything i would group it in with intelligent design, like we have done with wolves. Evolution hasn’t prevented us from having kids, or made it harder for us by giving us an anus with nerve endings, it is our choice to not have kids. I know I don’t want any kids.Anal Sex Blog

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I like to think about the first time something has been done. Who was the first person to eat smelly cheese? How did the first person think to put a smoke tobacco? What about the first person to put a dick in their mouth? Or, the first person to try anal sex?
I mean, it’s not like anal sex is ever necessary, it doesn’t prevent disease, quite the opposite. So it wouldn’t have been something that we were born needing to do. But perhaps it was something left over in our genetics from when we were more of a shrew like creature. Or maybe we saw other animals doing it doggy style and we got confused as to which hole they were using. Maybe they had an itchy arse, and upon further inspection realised they have quite a few nerve endings in that area, and asked a friend to help experiment. Whatever the original reason was, we still do this today, and have been doing the practice more and more as the demand for kids has dropped drastically, and the comfort of life has improved, changing what the everyday person strives for in life.


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If you’re a fan of anal sex, this website isn’t too bad for information but it doesn’t actually have any videos on their website, they are like the middle man. So if you want an RSS feed that leads you directly to the videos of your choice, then this feed isn’t for you.

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