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Anal sex is something that everyone should try at least once, but i guarantee you wont stop at just once, you will wont to try it again, and you will gain confidence and try larger, deeper objects as you discover the potential for amazing orgasms induced from anal stimulation. 

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When i say ‘everyone should try it once’ i don’t mean just the ladies, and i don’t mean the guys get to try anal sex by penetrating their partner. No, what i mean is everyone, including males, should see what it feels like to be penetrated anally. Most men don’t know this, but there are a shit load of nerve endings in the anus, as well as the prostate. When stimulating the prostate in conjunction with the penis (shaft or head of the penis. Why not both?) can lead to orgasms on par with pure ecstasy. No orgasm will ever come close to it, and you will be left to chase the dragon from then on

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