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  • Allan spends a good amount of time worshiping and licking New’s vinyl boot heels. She caresses her thin legs, running his fingers and palms all the way down to her soft inner thighs. He reaches deeper and curls his fingers around her semi-hard meatstick. Without blinking, he dives his head between her lap and chows down on her manhood. But New does it so much better doesn’t she? Still in her slutty cop uniform, teases his tip with her tongue. Laying back submissively, New spreads her booty cheeks apart and waits in anticipation for Allan’s enormous wang to bang her firm bung!
  • Jimmy gets her police uniform off so he can play with her nipples before he starts rubbing her backside. Once her tight hole is good and warmed up, Jimmy drives deep! Joon wants more though, and tells him so, switching positions so he can go deeper still! Drilling her anus while she plays with her hard lady-pole you won’t believe where he drops his mayo!

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