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Posting awesome stuff that all guys love. Including articles about sexy women, famous celebrities, and advice on sex and relationships so you can not only dream about getting with hotter girls, but actually make it a reality.

Ah, A place for me to go and be themselves, perverts. This site has everything men enjoy in life; breasts, cars, beer, breasts, and use full tips on how to pick up.

If you’re like me and use social media as a home for your soft core porn, by liking pages with picture of breasts, in order to get your news feed covered in all things manlAwesome Guy Thingsy, then you too, are wasting your time. has already put together a place for you to go to see all the things that make your testosterone boil.


A Little About Awesome Guy Things : has helpful articles making it easier for you to pick up the ladies, and if you so choose, to hang onto them! After all, women like sex just as much as men, so it is holding onto them is really the hard part. And they have the holy grail of male articles “5 ways to make your man package look bigger”. That’s right, no stuffing around with all of those fake “make your dick bigger overnight” bullshit. No, they educate you in the subtle art of misdirection and down right magic!

If your strategy of wooing your target with your faux man package doesn’t succeed, you can try some of the funny pick up lines recommends. Still no luck? Then have a read of the “Fundamentals to making yourself appeal to girls” because clearly there is something missing from your ensemble. has intriguing answers to questions everyone wants to know, such as, “No internet for 365days! What would that be like?”. Or things you must see before you can res in peace, such as, “Sexy teen girls kissing each other”. All very important, yes, all very….important.

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So for sex tips on “How to finger a girl” or a lovely photo gallery of puffy nipples, or the amazing stiples of Jennifer Aniston, head over to and get your daily fix of manhood!


Editors Note: looks like a pretty new website. Doesn’t have mountains of content just yet, but I am hopeful for their future success, I mean, they talk about things like, breasts, picking up chicks, breasts, Jennifer Aniston, breasts. So how could they go wrong?

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