Bangalore independent escorts

Bangalore independent escort

Our escorts Bangalore independent escorts are independent to go any where. These escorts are full package of fun.Our clients are really enjoyed when they spent a good time with them. Now this webmaster has kept it short and sweet which absolutely pissed me off so I thought fuck you pal I marking you straight down because you couldn’t be bothered even writing 150 words about how awesome your site is bull shit if you ask me. So straight away Im off to a bad start but if you want to know what wrong with this site read on.

Feed Test Results & Last 5 Items High Profile Escort Girl In Bangalore

The feed tested ok because the site was wordpress so a big tick here but it looks like the have even left the hello-world post. Either useless or lazy leave this feed alone it is full of junk.

Bangalore independent escorts
Bangalore independent escorts

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What We thought of Bangalore independent escorts Overall:

You have probably realised If you have read up to this point this website is shit but it is better then some. You ask why is it shit good question, It looks nice enough and has a fair bit of information but it also looks like he is using some sort of quick escort website upload. Initiall he put it under the sex holidays category but I got it out of here and put it into its right full place. They only have 3 girls they look alright but I don’t know if you would class this as a sex holiday. I reckon its back to the drawing board for this webmaster. If he want to get a better score add the girls to the feed and get rid of that shit template upload with the repetitive template Im giving you one star.

Bangalore independent escortHave a look at this

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