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Oglaf isd an adult comic strip that has a large variety of awesome adult comics with great punch lines. Usually in the top 10000 sites globally we are the place to go if you like to stay up to date with our awesome adult cartoons then why not grab our feed or simply bookmark our site. Our cartoons are really quite naughty without been to pornographic like hentai but we do have a dedicated production team that keeps us fresh and relevant.

Our cartoons include stories about talking jizz and very poor performance in bed we are proud of our site and would love for you to visit and enjoy.adult comic

Webmasters Own Score:5 Star (yep we agree 6 stars)

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[rss feed=”http://oglaf.com/feeds/rss/” num=”5″ excerpt=”false”/]

Our Review Of adult comic Website And Feed

Of late we are getting some great sites to review and this submission is certainly bringing the content of adultrss up a level. This is a very easy to navigate comic site and the rss feed has the latest edition of the comic. Its well formed and just has a title short and sweet. We checked a couple of the cartoons 2 we found funny and 2 not so funny, even taking this into account and the lack of hardcore pornography this site is still a great site and feed. We were really happy to be reviewing something different to the usual escorts site that they nearly got 10 stars but we cant justify 10 stars for this site and 5 for red tube so its a well earned 5 stars for this webmaster and sign up to their feed if you want a regular dose of your favourite olaf comic.

Submited By:I Love OLAF
For Website:http://oglaf.com/
RSS URL:http://oglaf.com/feeds/rss/


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