Best Darwin escort

Darwin escort

Best Darwin escortAre you sitting at home watching old re-runs of Friends? Are you getting a little hard of Rachael’s obvious stiff nipples? Well, I think it’s time to get out of the house.

Not much to do? Why not do Fern?!

If you’re in Darwin and are sick and tired of looking at bored crocs in class boxes, and hate the crap that movie studios are producing this year, then you need desperately need a massage to calm your nerves and relax a little. Fern will happily give you a massage, administered with her mouth of course.

Fern is a good looking 38 year young lady situated in Darwin and working hard to keep you hard. If you want to have some fun in your spare time, day or night, give Fern a call and you may just see the only Fern in the world that has a flower.


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If you want something discreet, then there are two options available to you, depending on what ‘discreet’ means to you. Don’t want anyone to associate anything with your residence? Not a problem. Fern does in-calls, where you come to her comfortable abode for some fun. Don’t want to be seen leaving your house? Cool, I guess? But, again, not a problem. Fern will happily come to you, for a small $50 “drivers fee”.

Fern is a healthy young lady, and as such, she will only practice safe sex, like the good girl she is. This should appeal to you, as safety plus vaginas is how you get closer to God.

So stop sitting at home masturbating into a rockmelon while watching anime. Yes, I know this is completely ‘normal’, but that doesn’t mean it should be what you do every weekend. Get off your ass and go meet Fern, or sit on your ass and get Fern to come meet you, whatever, just call Fern already.


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