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BBW stands for Big Beautiful women. You would have heard the saying ‘”more cushion for the pushin'” before, well it is referring to the big beautiful women, and the idea is that the extra fat will act as a cushion to absorb your insanely hard thrusts that you expect to make.
Not too far back into our history, every women wanted a bit of meat on her, it is was considered healthy, but more than that it was a statues symbol, as only the rich could afford to get fat. So seeing a skinny lady would make you see her as poor and undesirable. Nowadays ladies are half killing themselves to lose those extra few kilos, but there are still some ladies who like to keep the weight and are happy to show it off to the world.

Big Beautiful Women

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Here’s Extra BBW Are Insatiable By XHamster Feed Information: XHamster loves BBW. I see it as a half empty type scenario, why have a beautiful body that is half empty when you can be full bodied. There is another popular saying in the world of BBW, and that’s that these girls have a ravenous need like no other, these girls are so hungry for cock that they would eat their way through a truck of baby dolphins to get to it.

One of the benefits to having a little extra meat on your bones is what they do to your tits. BBW always have the biggest natural tits you have ever seen. They are round and curvy, they are soft and plump.


A Little About BBW Are Insatiable By XHamster : offers you all the BBW your appetite can handle, and they offer them all to you for free. No Sign up, no credit card, no log in, no email required. Just instant, easy access straight to your browser. So cum and enjoy some Big Beautiful Women at the expense of

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