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Squirting ladies holds a special place in a mans heart. It is like being applauded for a great performance, or like being paid in cash for helping a mate out, or like biting into a cheese filled treat to find it actually has cheese inside. It is the cream on the cake for most of us, as the female orgasm, after all of these years, and thousands of generations of Homo Sapiens, the male still has no idea if what he is doing is right or not. It ‘s like economics, we don’t understand it, but we still do it and on occasion make a profit.

Big League Squirters
Squirting Ladies

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Here’s Some Feed Extracts:We like to tell our mates we know what we are doing, and like to offer advice, but in reality we are taking a stab in dark at best. So when we do manage to make a girl cum, and get rewarded for our efforts by the girl orgasm being obvious and genuine. Completing this is like winning a man award, or being invite to finally grow a beard and join the ranks of real men.
We tell ourselves that if she doesn’t obviously cum, then she must be faking it for my sake, and this is a killer. So we love to fantasise about being a real mans man and making panties wet wherever we go.


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Download Pass offers men a place to go to get their fix of female pleasure juice. A place where blokes can go to see what this strange and beautiful creature looks like when it is in the throws of total pleasure. These girls aren’t selfish, and will work very hard to make the man cum, and shows him what it is really like to put in effort, however, the main event is the gushing liquid that signifies a job well done.

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