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What men find attractive in a women changes with the times. only 50 years ago it was considered attractive for a women to have a bit of fat on her, because this spoke volumes about her life style and suggested at money. Before that the fat was a good sign of a healthy, well fed lifestyle, meaning she would be able to bear her children with ease. Nowadays, with almost everyone in the western world living a privileged, abundant, excessive life style, being fat is not a sign of wealth as anyone can buy junk food on a daily basis, instead a women with a thin figure was considered sexually attractive because it meant she worked out for her figure.
This is all arbitrary of course, but the one thing that hasn’t gone out of fashion is breasts. Sure, everyone has their own idea what the perfect breast is, just like we all have an opinion of what the best cars is, but we can all agree cars in general are awesome.

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I can speculate that there are two reasons why men love breasts. One being that they are the life giver to us all as an infant. The first thing we rely upon when developing is breasts milk, so it is only natural that we find them attractive in some sense.
The other theory I have is that we, all of us mammals, were female for the first 8 weeks of gestation (gestation period may vary between species, lol) as we developed using only the X chromosome, then the Y came in later to turn the clitoris into a penis, and the labia in a scrotum. This also explains why males have nipples, because we were women at one point! So while we redeveloped our sexual organs in the nether region, however, we kept our breasts, we just don’t have the hormones to make them work. Perhaps, maybe, we just long for the breasts we never had…


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There is something about the pale white breasts of a British lady that makes we want to break down and beg for them. The bigger the better. have heaps of big breasted British sluts shoving them in faces, playing/massaging them, giving you a good view while sucking cock, titty fucking, and of course watching them bounce while they ride big hard cock. loves their British sluts almost, almost as much I like breasts.

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