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Have you ever heard the saying “leave something to the imagination”. What this is saying is, “people look better with at least some clothes on, because my imagination looks better than you do”. A bit rough, sure, but that doesn’t make it any less true. We all love looking at naked women, no one is denying that, but if you compare a naked lady from a lingerie catalogue who ranks an 8 on your list, to a naked lady who ranks a 8, you will start to notice that while the naked lady turns you on more (obviously), while the daintily clad lingerie model draws your heart, because of all of the intrigue, mystery; what does she look like naked? is the question you’re asking yourself of course, but once she strips, she will have your erecting, but the next lingerie clad women will have your heart, and so on.

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Stockings allow you to be as naked as possible while still wearing some clothing. They don’t really hid anything, but help accentuate the female form, pointing out curves that normally would go unnoticed. Stockings give you the appeal of ‘leaving something to the imagination’ while still being able to take your clothes off and look damn sexy.


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Stockings are kind of like jewellery on a lady. You can argue that ladies wear stockings to hid any unseemly hairs, or to keep their legs warm, or perhaps to hide or support varicose veins. However, most people would argue that they don’t really have a practical purpose, they just look amazing and make a women look sexual. Whatever the reason for a lady to wear stockings, we can all agree on that last point, they do make women look very sexual.

When i hear British Stockings, I think of a tough, hard working, female British boss who is a tight-ass and hard to work with, if you know what I mean. And she is giving me my Christmas bonus.
But forget about my dreams, to learn what British stockings really means, or to find out what it means to you, check out this RSS feed from and get lost in the vast amounts of stocking porn they have compiled from the many, many sluts in Britain.

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