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Editors Notes: is a website providing you a place to come and enjoy some slightly more interactive online pornography. Rather than just sitting back and watching a porno, you can immerse yourself into the world on the other side of computer screen, as you give suggestions/commands to the models performing for your every desire (if your desires are within your price range of course).

Web cams are becoming more popular as time goes on, and for good reason. This is an impersonal way to have cyber sex with a super sexy, horny lady from right around the world. What makes this so great though, is that while it’s impersonal, it’s many magnitudes more involving and interactive than just watching a porn movie, and is infinitely more sexy than a phone sex line. is a link directory/farm. This means there isn’t actually any real content on this website. Sure, there technically is content, but not the stuff your actually looking for. The cam girls are actually hosted on a large array of websites. They do this either to provide a useful service, or as most directories are, they do it for links to gain page rank, to help them get traffic, so they can sell advertisement. We all have to make a living.

There is nothing wrong with a link directory/farm, in fact, they can be a necessary tool for large websites. But, only as long as they are providing a service that is useful. Sometimes it’s easier going to a link directory to find what you’re looking for. But  most of the time they’re a complete waste of effort.

If is a comprehensive, user friendly, helpful guide to the world of webcams, or has a better layout for finding cam girls than, say, google (google is just a very large, sophisticated link directory), or is simply a nice website, then it gets thumbs up. If it’s none of those things, then what’s its purpose? To make it easier for you, surely? Not to provide you with cam girls, they’re on a different websites…

So lets see what we have, and go to one of the sub-domains on cams4dreams.


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What We thought of Cams girls sexchat directory Overall:

While looking at the Bios of some of the girls, I noticed I was unable to look at the photos of many of the girls, or I should say, there were no photos of the girls. I was however, able to see a picture of them in the link templates from “All Models”, so there’s that. Some of the girls had extra menu options as well, so this is clearly a work in progress. Or it may be because the websites hosting the content doesn’t have much content…In that case, i would rank it as a bad link to have.

Not a lot of info in the Bios of the girls, but personally speaking, I’m not interested in what they like or dislike, and I don’t care about her age, height, weight, hair, eyes etc…I just want to see her photo. I don’t want to date the girl, I want to have internet sex. That said, I’m sure there are plenty of guys who do want to know that information. So might be nice of them to make it a little more comprehensive, and to have it flow like an autobiography, and not like a bucket list.

Personally though, I couldn’t care about that, just give me some pictures of the girls before I pay. This isn’t a lucky dip.

However due to the nature of the website, and the content coming from different sources, some of the girls do indeed have pictures, bios, and a free chat service until the action really begins. Those links are dipped in golden cum…disgusting as that thought may be, these links are great. It’s the links leading to the girls with no info, or the ones that want you to pay just to start the chat that ruin the experience. Those ones are bad links.


A Little About Cams girls sexchat directory : 

As for the website layout; the two-tone black and white is pretty boring, but arbitrary, really, the only reason I mention it is because, again, it’s a link directory so it has to have something special to warrant it’s existence.


Considering this website is 3 months old, it’s good to see the amount of content they have. I noticed they had at least 30 pages of ladies to choose from. Again though, the quality of those links vary greatly. This is due to the nature of the website, and quality control done by the website owner.


I absolutely hate the Tags down the side of the page. A tag is no different from a category, so why not have a nice, neat, organised category, rather than a mish-mash of tags; and just leave your Meta-tags in the back-end of the websites for search engines? But, a lot of websites seem to be doing this, so perhaps it’s just me that doesn’t like this?


In conclusion: This website is only three months old, so it’s hard to tell where it’s going when it’s so young. But as far as it stands at the moment, I kind of think it’s pointless. Just skip the middle man and go to google for your generic searches and specific searches until you find a nice website that works for you. Or, you can do that exact same thing on cams4dreams, only not as well.

In saying that, link directories have an awful lot of potential. Mainly because their content is limited only by the amount of websites on the internet…infinite. So as this website grows old, it will either be a selective, thought out list of the very best the internet has to offer, or, a comprehensive list of web cam websites. Either way, it could be great! But not yet.


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