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Clips 4 Sale is part of a multi faceted distribution and hosting platform for digital porn media. Content owners/authorised resellers join the site as “studios” and use Clips4Sale servers to advertise and host their videos (which must be longer than 2 minutes and smaller than 1.2GB).

Purchases for videos are processed by and given to Clips 4 Sale directly, who then pay the relevant studio 60% of their revenue at the end of the month, taking the other 40% as cost for hosting their content and providing a payment system. Using the site is reasonably straight forward, although you can’t simply search for a keyword and view thumbnails of videos from several studios at once.

List Of Studio’s and Content

Clips 4 Sale
Clips 4 Sale

You can view a list of studios and browse them alphabetically, or find studios through the porn genre categories. The search form will show a list of text links for both videos and studios. hovering over a video link will bring up a thumbnail and opening a video link will take you to the owners studio page with a popup for buying the relevant clip. Prices for the content averages somewhere close to between $0.50 and $1 per minute, whether its professional or amateur. From there you can preview 10 or so seconds of the clip and continue the payment process if desired, or close the popup and browse the available videos on that studios page. Although Clips4Sale can stream previews, it appears they don’t offer streaming for viewing purchased content, but rather provide a download link once a video is purchased.

Several studios will exclusively sell content from only one source, but use keyword spammed names instead of using the source’s actual name for brand recognition to boost sales. The exorbitant prices, copy-paste template layout, ambiguous studio practices and high commission business model facets of Clips4Sale are questionable at best, leaving one to wonder what this site offers to sway potential customers over. There is a considerable amount of content available with a huge number of sub genre categories to search, but is that enough to convince you to buy a 19 minute video of some camwhore in 404p for $27.99?

Guest reviewers Score :1/2 Star ( not sure if we agree with this submission we would give it a 3)

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  1. Billy

    What the fuck is wrong with your guest reviewer he’s completely got this site wrong I recon its a 4 at least, for a start the gifs are great, not as much free shit as some of the others but the bulk of this is original Im giving it a five. I hope like fuck you dont get that guest reviewer back it was bloody bad rating for a good site.

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