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A Little About criptovideos : Cripto Videos delivers Free porn sex videos & pussy movies. Watch great xxx sex videos and pornos at the best free pussy and porn tube site on the web.

Our Thoughts: Well we don’t agree yes there are a reasonable amount of porn video’s its not the best site on the net we have seen better. It has shitty pop under and shockwave crashes in Firefox you can of coarse just bypass our full review and click on, but if you intend to visit this site and we do recommend one visit then shoot down to the full review.cripto videos

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Ok the feed test was good as a regular reader would know we love feed burner for the quality of feeds you get there the problem with this feed was its from Xvideo’s although it does look like you do go through to cripto video’s if you click the right bit in the feed. Unfortunately or fortunately you will also zip through to xvideo just as easy. May as well just sign up to xvideo’s feed.

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What We thought of cripto videos Overall:


At first visit to Cripto Videos we initial thought what the fuck, it kept crashing and freezing our old porn computer so we tested it in securi and it came up clean. Then we had another thought why don’t we try Google chrome and boom it worked. So after we got it to work we discovered lot’s of popunders which we hate and a lot of the tested video’s were from xvideo’s so we thought we are just going to give this half a star. Then we discovered the suck yourself off category, quiet frankly we have not seen this specifically on any website (not that we have been looking). Quiet frankly we were amazed they suddenly jumped 1 and 1/2 stars, yes we are giving a site with popups and shockwave crashes 2 stars because it got an interesting self suck section. Yep this site is worth a visit to this section of the site alone just for those that can only dream “what if” damn you cripto videos.


Webmaster Name: Criptovideos
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: porn, sex, tube,

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