Crystal Is The Gem Of The Darwin Stripper Scene

darwin stripper is a site that centers its self on the belief that a half naked lady can make any function special. Do you have a work function coming up this Christmas? You need some Darwin StripperCrystal the Darwin stripper. Is one of your mates getting married? Get some Crystal. Do you have boys poker night coming up? Crystal would love to serve you drinks topless. isn’t the largest website you have ever seen, but that is because this website is dedicated to a single special lady, Crystal. While it may not be large, it’s certainly comprehensive. This site will go into what tasks Crystal will do, how much, and for how long.

If you aren’t sure about ordering a stripper through an agency on the phone, then this is a much safer option for you, as you can see what Crystal looks like from her photos.

As a website, does everything that it should. It has photos at the top of the page of the lady in question, and none of those images are broken.
There are categories situated at the top of the page that lead you to different webpages describing Crystals services. All of these links seem to be in perfect working order.

Crystal is the Darwin stripper at

Even though advertisement helps keep the internet running the way it does, I still loath it. This website doesn’t even have a sniff of advertisement. This isn’t some click-bait crap, or some poor quality service making money from advertisement. This site is all about Crystal and her services. She seems to be here to hear from you, not to make money from spam.

There is a link down the bottom of the page that’s a direct call link. Click this link and it will automatically put her number in your phone to be called. This only works when you view the website on your phone, of course. Otherwise her mobile number is everywhere for you to see.

Heres’ The Darwin stripper Feed

Location of feed:

Conclusion: There is nothing broken in this website. The services seem genuinely genuine. There is no advertisement.
The website style is quite nice. I often get sick of looking at the same white background, especially when I am looking at a bright computer screen at 2am. So this background was refreshing.
The only thing I don’t like is the lack of visible breasts. I am a pervert at heart and expect others to tailer their sites accordingly. Just kidding, but seriously, I want bare boobies.
Nah, just kidding…but seriously.

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