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Editors Note: Ok, we will start with the RSS feed and move onto everything wrong with the website. Cutieslive have a seemingly terrific RSS feed, filled with plenty of content, and what looks like full and interesting articles. However, after a quick look through the feed I noticed something strange, mainly, the lack of anything relating to Live Cuties, or videos or images containing live cuties. “Not a problem” a said to myself, “These few articles must just be new, I’m sure I will plenty of Live Cuties further down”. Alas, to my mildly curious surprise, the majority of the feed is composed of Christian dating advice… One of the articles even boasted a Christian Dating Sermon Video!? Isn’t that fucking amazing! Please correct me if I’m wrong, but Christians aren’t even allowed to masturbate, so what the hell is the point of a Christian article being on, what’s meant to be, an adult website…you know, a website you masturbate too, or to hook up with people for some premarital adultery.

Lets pretend for a minute that God absolutely loves masturbation, and wants nothing more than for his children to being sexual active and experimental; it still doesn’t explain why a website that deals with adult videos and pictures (and surely live web cams, I mean, their name is Cuties Live…) , would have more content relating to dating advice for a particular religion, than content relating to their domain name… Adult rss feed:

Last 5 Items on latina,babe,ebony,lesbian,booty

[rss feed=”” num=”5″ excerpt=”false”/]

Here’s Extra Feed Information:

“Ok, so we got that ridiculous religion/sex thing out of the way, how about the actual website?” you fairly cry. Unfortunately, we are not finished, not yet. I decided to follow some of the links to see what I find, and what I found was a joke. After clicking a link to Funny Christian Dating Advice, I was redirected not to, and certainly to an article regarding anything remotely funny or Christian… I was redirected to JustHookUp (I HATE JustHookUp, but we will leave that for another article). So, not only is this RSS feed filled with irrelevant bullshit, but it doesn’t even lead to the irrelevant bullshit you were expecting, it takes you to some other completely irrelevant bullshit.

They even had a Black Ops 2 article. Well, I wouldn’t call it an article, more of a complete rip off from other websites, and not even the good information, check this shit out “ black ops 2 ps3 – black ops 2 ps3. Amazon Try Prime. Your Today’s Deals Gift Cards Sell Help. Shop by Department”.

That’s the first paragraph of the article…and the others are in a few different languages. What the fuck Cutieslive? Where are all the live cuties and adult pictures? This shit above is just pathetic…


A Little About : 

Sigh, look, I’m not going to spend much time on their website itself, as this whole experience is just a joke, and a complete waste of your time. I honestly hope you don’t go to this website, but if you still want to check it out, i will give you a bit of an idea what to expect.


The actual website, if you can believe it, does have some photos of girls. However, I hope you aren’t expecting to see some porn, or even a bare bottom, because all of these pictures you could put into a PG film! Videos? Oh you mean the un watch able videos covered in drop down text from above articles, making it impossible to see what is happening the video…yeah they have a couple of those, but again, not porn, nor are they Live Cuties, instead you get watch excellent videos like Free Online Dating 100/100…yeah…

Oh, you will also be lucky enough to find more of those terrible, terrible irrelevant articles. I am like 90% sure this website has scrapped the meta data from articles on real websites, and put it on their own website, not realising they have copied the information for search engines, not the information for users… I also wonder if the person who submitted this website for my review is aware that we are an Adult RSS website, and that having pictures of a dozen ladies in bathing suits, and some wearing jeans and shirt, is not what I would consider adult content. Even when I was 14yrs old I would have laughed at this websites claim to the adult RSS world. I think the category they looking to submit their website in is PG Religious Dating Advice and Meta Information.

Webmaster Name: Cuties live
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: latina,babe,ebony,lesbian,booty

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