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A Little About DECLIC Escortsf rom DECLIC.ORG : Looking for Escort Girl France or Escort Girl in Bruxelles, Paris & Belgique or Do you want to spend your time with blond and sexy Escort Girl in Antwerpen & Belgium? So visit our website and find your best Escort Girl at reliable range.

Firstly the webmaster has pretty much covered exactly what this site is about, looks like its full of expensive escorts, some even suck without  condoms. But in saying that there were some things we didn’t like if you wanted to know more than read on.


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For some reason this bloody webmaster entered a shit feed and made us go looking, which we fukn hated so we marked it down for that reason alone. The reason we bothered was because the site is a good site. But don’t bother signing up to this feed it is still shit. Not worth us testing. But need to know about the site read on.

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What We thought of DECLIC Escorts DECLIC.ORG :

DECLIC Escorts

Now if I was in Europe and looking for some nice escort to rock my world then this site might be for me but because they don’t have a regular rss feed to track there newly arrived chicks/dudes then whats the use of signing up. You might get better info as a member but we couldn’t be bothered. PS if they offered us a freebie they might have got a better score (hint to other submitters). But DECLIC Escorts as a site is good nice that’s why we actually reviewed it. Generally we get bombarded with escort sites, which gives us an aversion but the name was a little more interesting so we had to have a look. We are giving this site 2 stars don’t bother unless your horny as fuck and need a root, there’s better sites for free porn.

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Site Hosting Country: Belgium
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