Diaper Loving Mommies Will Care For All Of Your Needs

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You hear it all the time, “Men never grow up”. Well, these blokes at true to the tale, they literally still walk/crawl around in a diaper and pacifier. The can’t talk yet, most can’t walk, and they still need to be hand fed. Now, talking about being hand fed, these lucky baby wannabes not only get hand fed a healthy serving of pussy, but they are also breast fed! These tall toddlers go from being breast fed, to being burped on her bouncing knee.

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A Little About Diaper Loving Mommies :

Diaper Loving Mommies
Diaper Loving Mommies

Going to the park to play has an entirely new meaning to these kinky couples. Instead of going down the slide; they go down, on the slide; if you get what i mean. Take a blanket, a diaper, and a pacifier, and you have the tools for a great day out.

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