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Editors Note: is website that provides links for download of pornography.

Normally I don’t download videos because I find it a waste of time, unsafe, and a waste of time. The only time I would download porn is if it’s my favourite porno of all time that I plan on watching time and again. Otherwise I prefer to just stream, because it allows me to view something different every time without compiling a library.

That said, I decided to download a video to see how easy these guys made it. I was pleasantly surprised. Unlike most of these types of websites, I wasn’t lead on a link-a-thon around the web from one site to the next all trying to get click traffic. One simple click on the download link instantly started the download. This made me happy. What made me less than impressed was the video itself. It was the worst quality video I have seen. It was as if it was filmed on a 10yr old phone. Of course, I can’t judge all of the videos based on this, as it may have been a one off. But what it does tell me is that I have wasted my time downloading once again. I have downloaded a video that I almost immediately deleted. If I was just streaming then this wouldn’t be a problem, as I can just click on the next video to stream. I admit, it isn’t hard to download and delete videos, but it is very unsafe to be downloading porn from random sites.

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What We thought of Download Video Bokep | Indosex | Cerita Sex Overall:

I don’t like being biased like this, but I really don’t trust downloaded porn files. I also find it annoying to download something that I’m just going to delete. I find it a lot more user friendly to stream.

If I was going to ignore my own personal opinion, then I would say this website is one of the better ones, purely because it’s easy and simple to use. Just click the download button on the video you like.


There are other problems I have with this website. For downloads, you have no idea what you’re downloading without a preview, some pictures, or a description. There were three images on the video I downloaded. One of the images was advertisement, and the other two were random frames showing me very little of what the video entails. The description they offer is just a mix of keywords (exactly like the description they have given their website above. Useless), telling me nothing about the video. There isn’t any preview for the download. In other words, you have no fucking idea of the quality or content of what you’re downloading.


I can’t stress enough how much of a waste of time I think downloading porn is, or how unsafe it can be.


A Little About Download Video Bokep | Indosex | Cerita Sex : 

In conclusion: This website does offer what they say they do, free porn for download. I don’t think they have put in much effort aside from getting the content, and the website leaves much to be desired. My bias aside, this website is easy to use but offers nothing else of note.

For those of you who like to download, maybe you need to download porn to take with you on trips, then website might be of some use. It really was easy to use, and it really was a porno that was in the download link. That in mind, I give these guys 2 stars, as they provide what they say they do, but they don’t really do anything great.

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