Dream Girls help you train your slave.

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A Little About Dream Girls :

Create your own Subliminal MP3′s. Perfect for training your girl in submission aDream Girlsnd obedience. Easily write your own subliminal messages using your pc. Many users have had great success and have shared so in their testimonials.

After going to the site it looks to match exactly what the webmaster says but before you bdsm fans rush off read our review.

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Feed Test Results & Last 1 item from dream girls feed.

We tested the feed here and it was good and probably useful if you want to know what’s happening with this site not much free stuff but I suppose they wouldn’t last long if there was. The feed was good but doesn’t really give you much for your sign up time, the feed items go straight to the site no popups.


What We thought of Dream Girls Overall:

So now you want to know what we thought of the site, well it looks like a good idea and maybe there theory of training a slave will work but the problem is there’s no f
ree stuff the first thing you notice when clicking around is not many samples in fact we couldn’t find any. There seem to be some testimonial but you can write them yourself. We were going to score lower but thought we would give it a two because of originality one of the first sites we seen that do this. Scored lower because not enough pictures and not many samples, and the site always ask for money but not in a bad way, if that is possible an soft 2 stars.


Webmaster Name: Dream girls
Site Hosting Country: United States
Web: http://dreamgirlsgt.com/
Short Words To describe Site: slave girl training, master slave girl, bondage, 1950 house wife, wife training, mind control, hypnosis, subliminal messages, subliminal mp3s, create your own subliminal, maid training, female slave training, training a slave

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  1. Knobby

    Look I like slaves like everybody else but there’s not enough free stuff here dude’s you got to give me something

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