Elite High-class Escorts and Boy

Elite High class Escorts

Elite High class Escorts and Boys are waiting to be contacted by you. Find your ideal VIP Escort date here and enjoy unforgettable moments. Busty luxury and classy escorts and models for Gentlemen that will surpass your high expectations. Sex-Escort is an international directory of Independent Girls and Ladies and Escort Agencies, only elite companions who are perfect for any social engagement public or private, from blondes to brunette, Asiatic or Italian, French or Russian. You can select any exciting city in the World and find the ideal female or male independent escort, be that Paris, Rome, New York, London or Tokyo

Webmaster’s own Rating: 5 Stars (No fucken way there no content 1 starfor submission)

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For the first time ever I could not get the feed to show up  here’s a screen shot of the output http://www.sex-escort.tv/rss-feed/news/

high class escorts

What We thought of Elite High class Escorts :Elite High-class Escorts and Boy

OMG I do not know why these webmaster submit sites that have no content more importantly why the fuck do we bother reviewing them. Oh wait  I know for the link well while you get the link we are very disappointed with this site the only reason they get a one star is because they at least took the time to write something about their site. Even though it was a complete lie. look at the rss feed it has 3 items on it I tried to find one escort and got nothing. Come on dude lets have some actual content. Very disappointed with this effort but a very nice spiel by you I thought I actually would find all that you promised oh well bad luck for me. One star.


Webmaster Name: Steve
Site Hosting Country: United States
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Rss Feed: http://www.sex-escort.tv/rss-feed/news/

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  1. Billy

    I feel sorry for you guys that you have to do sites like this there’s not even one escort to look at

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