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Bangalore independent escort seems like a pretty nice website. It is well laid out, easy to use, and they have their contact details at the top were they are easy to find. But, I am not here to review their website as much as I am to view their RSS feed. If they had a good feed, or at least a comprehensive feed, then I would have spent more time talking about the service they provide, and what sets them apart from other escort services in Hong Kong. After all, there is only so much you can say about an RSS feed, and it is the content on the feed you are after, not the layout of the feed.Escort Agency Hong Kong

However, don’t seem to understand the purpose of an RSS feed, and have forced my hand in this. And so, I am left no other option but to dismiss their website and explain why their “RSS Feed” is a waste of your time.

Escort Agency Hong Kong Adult rss feed:

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Here’s Extra Escort Agency Hong Kong Feed Information:

When I say that their RSS feed is a waste of time, I mean just that, not their website, or their service, just their feed. So don’t judge them too harshly on my comments alone, they may be the best escort service in Hong Kong by a long way, just with a shitty RSS feed, very possible.
Looking at their feed, I find only one entry, and it’s a busy description, or more to the truth, them patting themselves on the back.
The point of an RSS feed is to keep you up to date on a particular niche or website. It is to save you time and make you viewing experience on a website as easy and enjoyable as possible. No one wants to go through half of a news site just to read that one article they heard about. No one wants to have to go your website to search through the rankings for the ‘top ten’ every week. They want to check their emails, see a quick feed entry summarising the contents of the article/webpage, and be able to decide then and there if it is worth their time.
This RSS feed is nothing like that. It is more of a business listing in the yellow-pages, it is what you would expect to see on a business directory, not a feed designed for you.


A Little About Escort Agency Hong Kong :

What they should have done is uploaded the photos, descriptions, costs, hours, locations, requirements, and practices the girls prefer to do. They should have a feed entry for each girl on their website with a link leading to her profile, and updating any information and new people weekly.
You want to be able to quickly be informed by the feed that there is a new girl/content on their website. you don’t want to have to go to their website on your own accord to just stumble upon the new content/webpage.

So in short, this may very well be a great website with the very best Hong Kong has to offer. But their RSS feed is shit and a waste of your time, so don’t bother.

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