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A Little About Escort Trick : Who doesn’t love escorts? They take out all the hassles of picking up pussy and certainly know how to fuck, but it always comes at a price. Well, now the tables have turned. Watch us pick up these hookers, fuck them senseless, then take back our cash before we bail out the door! Fucking with hookers has never been this good.

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Zoe’s luscious big tits and smooth curves usually come at a premium price, but not today! Tim takes her off the street and into his bed after a little fiddle in the car. After all, who could resist such a sweet pussy? Back in the bedroom Zoe works for her wage the only way she knows how until Tim blows his wad all over her. While she’s distracted with a sticky mess he sneaks into her purse and takes his moneyback, then high tails it out the door with our camera crew in tow, leaving Zoe stained and drained.

We picked up Vanessa straight off the street while cruising for more poon. All we had to do was wave some green and she got keen for the cream! Back at our place this little whore fucked like a sex starved rabbit and took a load on her pretty face. That distracted her long enough for us to sneak our cash back from her purse, then make like a tree and get the fuck outta there!

This is prozzy payback at it’s finest. They thought we were their trick, until we tricked them right back. Join now to get access to all our premium quality streaming porn with a monthly or yearly membership, or try out the site for 2 days hassle free with a cheaper 2 day trial. Instant access and secure payment – join with a credit card, over the phone, or with Bit Coin or Ukash credits.

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