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A Little About Escorts in Sydney Australia : Escorts In Sydney is Australia’s most exclusive escort agency. Exuding elegance sophistication and sensuality, our agency boasts Sydney’s most glamorous and breathtakingly beautiful escorts. This may actually be true the site seems to do exactly what this webmaster says. But I have some problems with this submission read on for more information. Or you could just just click the liEscorts in Sydney Australiank and go and get an escort but don’t worry about using this feed it’s not worth your time.

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The feed is built on wordpress but it is not worth signing up to or even visiting the only reason we have rated this site is because they have the ability to make their rss feed live. So on this basis alone you may as well finish the article.

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What We thought of Escorts in Sydney Australia Overall:

Ok here’s the go this site is actually quiet good and I liked it but they submitted without an rss feed which pissed us off but we thought what the fuck let’s see if we can find one. After all they put in the effort, we went and found it and sure enough they have one but it doesn’t have anything on it, why do webmasters submit sites to adult rss with shit rss feeds. Nothing better than a one for wasting our time. But in saying that and blasting the fuck out of a shitty submission the site has some good looking escorts and they look real enough so I suppose it half does the job.


Webmaster Name: Lisa Smith
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: Escorts in Sydney

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