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Do you love Asian women? pfft, of course you do. You would have to be some sort of strange, over stimulated, desensitized sex monster to not look at a beautiful Asian women and instantly cream your pants. Asian women have the amazing ability to look like they are in their 20’s right through till they are like 80. I don’t know if this some sort of superior diet that preserves their skin or something, but my god we need to find the secret. If only to debunk such theories as “Asian women must be divine” and “Asian ladies are descended from mermaids, and over millions of years of ruling the seas, and whooing  horny sailers to the depths of the ocean, they have grown legs and now live amongst us as the most beautiful beings alive”, yeah, theories like that.

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If you live in Toronto, you might want to go get yourself a credit card that doesn’t have a max limit, because after spending some time with these angelic beauties, discovering their soft bodies and their sharp minds, will have you addicted to their perfection. Never again will you be able to have a conversation with a lady that doesn’t have an IQ above average, nor the looks of a women straight out of a comic book (not the comic books where the ladies have as much muscle as the men, those women are gorgeous, but man, they could snap me in half).

Toronto Call Girls are modern age Geishas. They are the entire package, with great intelligence, etiquette, and of course enough beauty to drive a butterfly into a fit of jealous rage.

If this was the 15th century, and one of these girls was your daughter, you could marry her off to any prince in the world, and instantly be apart of a royal family. Being the 21st century, they instead make you fell like a king in your own home.

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