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Jerking off is a brand new site, she is only about six months old and still finding her feet. But regardless of her new presence in the sex toy industry, they seem to know what customers want; big pictures, cheap prices, and fast delivery.

Unfortunately it isn’t all roses at etmcollection. This has nothing to do with their serv

etm collections
etm collections

ice or pricing, it’s their products. Don’t get me wrong, they have some amazing, great quality sex toys, and none of them are overpriced. The problem is the lack of quantity. From what I can see they have at the most 150 products on their website, but, I think with some more content, these guys are going to go a long way.

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A Little About ETM Collection:

That said, the options of toys they do have are all of terrific quality, so if you’re buying for your missus and are not too sure what to buy her when faced with a mountain of toys to choose from, could be a good choice. And the more people to buy off this upstart will help increase its inventory, and thereby making the world a better place.

etmcollection still has a few tweaks to sort out, for example, they have a terrific 50% off sale section, and no I am not complaining about things being dirt cheap. The problem is that there are so few toys on their site, that they have only managed to fit six into this sale section. Yes, I know, I am a broken record, I just think this website could be so much more, just by adding more stock to their list. And yeas I know, I said it myself, they are only six months old, I need to give them a chance to catch up, but hey, I am not reviewing their future business, I am viewing it as it is now, and while I think it shows much promise, I also think it needs more content, no big deal.

Anyway, all in all I like it, and I recommend for the next birthday coming up, you try them out for a gift for your significant other, and who knows, you might find some great stuff in the 50% sale section, and qualify for free shipping.

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