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Europe’s sexiest online store for adult games and toys, including BDSM, vibrators, dildos, lingerie, cuffs, whips, you name it. Check it out…Europe’s best prices for all of your playtime needs. Huge range of sexy lingerie. Over 3,000 lines of stock.Euforia Online


Editors Notes: Yes, I know Euphoria is spelled wrong…Get over it. is a Spanish website that offers a nice collection of high end lingerie, vibrators, and lubricant. Their products are on the pricey side of the scale, but they’re all of an excellent quality. After going through their range, comparing their toys to that on other adult shops, it becomes clear that they’re only willing to sell the best.

Unfortunately, my budget is $0, so I can’t see what their service of shipping times are like.

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What We thought of Euforia Online Overall:

Some of the descriptions of their products are quite in-depth, while others leave a lot to be desired. This leads me to believe that the descriptions are the same as what’s on the box. Also, from the products I looked at, I could only see one photo for each of the products, which makes it a little hard to tell if it’s the product you would like.


The website is a terrible combination of black/red/pink/blue. This makes it hard to believe we are no longer in the 90s.


This website is very simple, and has a easy to use layout. I haven’t come across any broken links or images. Google Translate is a thing, so it being in Spanish means nothing. The products definitely need more images and unique original descriptions.


A Little About Euforia Online : 

On a side note, I read some pretty good articles on this website, and some even had youtube videos to go along with them.

I have no idea if these articles are original or not. It’s safe to say that the youtube videos don’t belong to them, but anyone can rewrite an article, so I would guess the text is original.


As the website is, I could have made it when I was 10. It’s incredibly simple, one photo, description copied off of box, 90s colour scheme is exactly what I would have produced. And I could have done it without wordpress too. Simply copy the code from an online template into Notepad.

That said, as far as the products are concerned, they’re all of good to high quality. So if this website has good customer service, plenty of stock, and reasonable shipping times, then they get a thumbs up as an online adult shop!


This website is clearly indexed on Google, as it shows up in the SERPS. But Google doesn’t have a date available for when they indexed it. This usually means it was indexed very recently. Considering they have only 48 external backlinks, it’s safe to assume they are very, very new. (for comparison, a 10yr old website I own has 546,122 backlinks)


In conclusion, I really like this website for two reasons. 1: There doesn’t seem to be any broken links. 2: They have great products.

However, the colour scheme, only having high end products, and the domain age would all deter me from buying from this website. That’s not to say that the colours aren’t ‘Rad’, or that the products aren’t great, or that domain age matters. I’m only saying I don’t trust the 90s, I don’t have a lot of money, and I like time-proven stability.

I give them three stars, as they’re only a colour change (maybe they should try a wordpress template), and a few days of hunkering down and writing descriptions away from having a really great website.


Webmaster Name: Euforia
Site Hosting Country: Spain
Short Words To describe Site: adult shop, sex toys, bdsm, gay toys, lingerie, vibrators, dildos

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