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Pornstar Fifi Foxx’s official website and clip store. Offering premium fetish porn videos, clips, photo galleries, and custom videos.

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The website is an expansion of my current clip store at Right now there are ~40 unique videos available of the ~300-500 I have listed in my clip store. A couple old videos will be added each week (to spread updates out over time) as well as any new videos (~3 new videos per week).

My website features plenty of content. There are 30-60 second previews for every video I sell. New videos have a blog post with a photo gallery of several large pictures as well. A nice, long description for each video to let the customer know EXACTLY what they’re getting!

The website is basically a clip store. You purchase single videos, there is no PAID membership area. Downloads are available IMMEDIATELY after successful purchase. This purchase is linked to the customers account so logged in users can download the clip again at any time from their account page. This keeps track of all their purchases and available downloads, as well as any available coupons and store credit.

I will be adding an exclusive “member’s only” area once the cc processor is active (right now bitcoin is only accepted, I’m waiting for my Visa and MC applications to get approved.) This area features free full videos to registered users, they just need to sign up for a free account on my website to gain access.

Since I’m not using an middleman clip website to sell the videos, I am offering all my clips at a 10% discount from the regular price as an incentive to go through my official website.

Newsletters are sent out to subscribers every Sunday that include any videos and blog posts published during the week.

I’ve seen the website for all the popular amateur fetish models (larkin love, tara tainton, etc.) and I think my website is much more user friendly. I put a lot of time and though into each feature and the overall functionality of the website. I would rate it a solid 10/10.


A Little About Fifi Foxx’s Official Website – Premium Fetish Porn Videos : 

Editors Note:

I…I don’t know what to say…This website is actually pretty amazing! Let me start off by giving you the general low-down. is a website that’s seemingly owned and run by gorgeous porn-star Fifi Foxx. Fifi runs a Blog detailing the ins and outs of the website including new payment methods (bitcoin), new videos and photos, and information regarding Fifi herself.


Normally I love my free streaming, because it’s both free and fast. But I honestly think this is the future of online pornography. It allows for a safe, honest environment.

Unlike free streaming websites, Fifi offers you entire videos for a one-time respectable fee. You can log onto any computer and download the videos you have paid for. Of course, Fifi wouldn’t last long if she didn’t give something away for free, and does this by creating a free members only area where you can watch videos at your will. Becoming a member is free and easy.


Fifi Foxx has put in a lot of effort on the descriptions of the videos available, making it impossible to choose the wrong video for your desires. However, if you’re still unsure, you can watch a short clip of the video before your purchase. Or you can create an account and head over to the free members area.

What We thought of Fifi Foxx’s Official Website – Premium Fetish Porn Videos Overall:

As far as I can tell, there are only 40 videos on this website so far (the rest are on The site is 1yr old, so still new and growing. This site hasn’t seen a lot of traffic yet, and hasn’t taken off in the manner that it should have.

The reason I believe this website should be more popular than it is, is simple…She will make you a personalised video! Seriously! You can send her requests and suggestions for new videos, tailoring the sexual experience just for you!

I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before. I always spend hours scouring the web looking for a specific type of porn (the problem when spoilt for choice) and never finding it quite right. Or when I do get lucky, they’re only doing what I like during a short part of the video. Well, now I can get a video tailor made and better explore my sexual self.


There’s also an option for those who aren’t particularly computer literate. You can sign up to receive sexy pictures of Fifi Foxx sent to your email address. This saves you from having to leave Gmail.


Conclusion: This website is terrific for what it is, a porn shop. It has some amazing things to offer you, and unlike almost every other porn shop, you can get some of it for free.

Fifi has put in a lot of work, and it really shows. You can see her dedication to her craft, not only in her videos, but also in the descriptions and content for the videos.


The ‘custom videos’ has blown me away, and with the fact that there are no broken links/videos/pictures, easy to navigate, and looks good, I would have given this website a perfect score.

Unfortunately, the majority of her videos are still on her main domain, leaving only 40 videos on

40 videos is only about a weeks entertainment for me (I know…). If I was reviewing the two websites together, it would be a definite perfect score, as it is though, they earn a very respectable 4/5 stars (I have given very, very few 4 stars).

Webmaster Name: Fifi Foxx
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: fetish videos, amateur fetish, fetish porn clips

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    [email protected]

    Hey Mike, it’s Fifi Foxx here. You can check out all of my feedback from customers at Just click the “Feedback as Seller” tab from that link (to view more than the lastest 10 feedbacks you must log in). Spoiler alert: 421 out of the 421 custom videos I’ve done have positive feedback 🙂

    If you are speaking in a more general sense about custom porn videos, here’s my opinion. You MUST look at feedback, or at least check out a couple clips from the seller before purchasing a custom video. I have seen some girls that seriously let down their customers and made it a bad experience for them. Which is extremely unfortunate, because we thrive on the glowing reviews we hear back from our fans/customers. So my advice is, BE PICKY! And know this, trying to get the “best deal” is the fastest way to get burned. Trust reviews, not prices.

    Basically how it works is this. We’d email back and forth to discuss your video idea; sexual content you’d like in it, video length, characters/roleplays, dialogue, camera angles, props needed, etc. Once we have an outline that’s we’ve both agreed on we’ll discuss payment.

    Based on complexity, turnaround time, extra props needing to be purchased we will agree upon a price for the custom video (~$5-10 per minute is typical). Once your payment is received (there are several methods of payment, including an escrow service) I will have your video filmed and edited by the agreed upon date. Once it’s finished (filming and post-production), I’ll have a download link to your custom video sent to your email when it’s completed! Very straight forward!

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
    -Fifi Foxx

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