How To Make Html To Rss To Use Here

How To Make Html To Rss

Because we are a Adult rss website we want our submitted websites to have an rss feed, we have recently had hundreds of submissions of people trying to add websites without an rss feed, so we have How To Make Html To Rsshad a clip made to explain how to make a rss feed from a HTML Site. At this time it looks like you can process adult sites please check for yourself before you start.

We Call it How To Make Html To Rss

The site we used for this demo was  it is our current preferred option but if you know of others please feel free to contact us . Before you start the clip this is the steps you need to follow.

  1. You need to go to
  2. create an account
  3. Sign In (watch clip)
  4. Create feed
  5. Come here and submit your site

Below The clip you will find out what to do once you know how to make html to rss . 

What To Do After You Have An Adult Feed

Once you have created your feed you need to do a bit of a write up about your site because we offer our visitors an awesome description and review with each site we need you to provide some information for our reviewers. And we add to it if you provide no information or no rssfeed we will delete your submission.

Standards For Site Submission

  1. Must Be Adult Site
  2. Must Have A Rss Feed
  3. Must Pass Security Scan
  4. Must have a minimum of 100 words description
  5. Should Have Image of site
  6. Can Have 3 Keywords
  7. Does not need to be a site can be just an rss feed
  8. Must have 2257 information if required
  9. NO Under 18 , No Animals

Although you now know how to make html to rss , you need to write an awesome review. It does seem like you have some work to do but remember we also review and bulk out the review on each submission so we have more work then the webmasters that use this site all submissions are checked and formatted by a human.



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