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A Little About Flesh toys for Boys : Internet’s top men’s sex toy magazine. We look at all the greatest men’s sex toys around. So the webmaster says. So we thought lets have a look and give a third and fourth opinion. It does look like the webmaster has spent some time on this site and created quiet a robust review site concentrating on a very specific type of customer. After all who doesn’t want to know about the latest prostrate massage or male to male doll.Flesh Toys

The problem with this site is it doesn’t seem to have its own products so we are not sure if the reviews are truthful they may just be rewrites of manufacturers information. Which is how most website sell products perhaps the webmaster will comment on this page and give us an insight as to how the reviews are done.

We don’t have a problem with re-written manufacturers information but have marked the site down because of the affiliate type linking strategy. The content does read well though and some thought has gone into the writing. The website is built on the wordpress platform and is easy to navigate and find your way around.

Flesh toys for Boys Adult rss feed: http://www.fleshtoysforboys.com/feed

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The feed: the feed is general wordpress fare with pictures when tested in feedly a midsized write up and nice titles. If you want to stay up to date with latest mens flesh toys then this is for you

Here’s Extra Flesh toys for Boys Site Information:

Flesh Toys For Boys is a men’s sex toy magazine it look at all the greatest men’s sex toys around. It is reasonably fast loading and has reasonable information we don’t mind this site.

Webmaster Name: Steve Bangs
Site Hosting Country: United States
Web: http://www.fleshtoysforboys.com
Short Words To describe Site: sex toys, men’s toys, sextoys

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  1. Phantom

    I had a look around and loved the review on Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual, Shemale Love Doll, it has all the information you could possibly need if you were looking for a transsexual doll, It nearly made me want to get me one.

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