Foxtail Kinky Sex Next door

Foxtail Kinky Sex Next door

Society stifles sexuality. Most have unmet sexual needs. Fear keeps us from our truest pleasures. We help you find others who share your kinks. Sex-positive neighbors within reach. Stray Together.

Foxtail is an online community for the sex-positive. We serve the BDSM, Kink, and Fetish communities, but everyone is welcome to join our open, pro-sexploration community.

Foxtail believes everyone is kinky.

The site is not all about sex. It depends on what you’re looking for. Members are here looking for everything from flirting and cuddling to relationships and swinging. Many members are simply experimenting with sexualities and kinks. You can get an idea of what a member might be interested in by looking at their kinks. Kinks are not a requirement of the member.

Your account on the site is free – forever. You can receive and reply to messages, search for members, and attend events. And if you want more, you can easily upgrade to a “Black” membership for a small monthly cost.

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Foxtail Kinky Sex Next door

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