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A Little About Free Adult Web Cams At Cam4 : We have been looking for more awesome free stuff for our website visitors and have discovered what can only be described as the holy grail of free online sex stuff. In fact we would have to describe it as probably the most searched for sex subject online. Now as part of our service we actually went to the site and checked out some of their cams.

To be clear we spent some time on this site (for research purposes only) and the cams look real and it looks like you actually get sex on these cams for free. Although for the life of us we could not figure out why the models would be doing it for free. We have a funny feeling that the shows you see on the camera are taped and cleverly incorporated as a live feed. But in our professional opinion this did not matter in our mind it seemed real and we were happy to imagine it was.

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Free Adult Web Cams At Cam4

Our thoughts on the feed, well to get to the nitty gritty the feed seems to be a Hodge podge of the cams and performers and it is pulled from their blog. But it did seem to have some substance and actually keep you up to date with what’s happening on this site. it seemed to be quiet informative and worth staying up with. We tested it in slick rss and were quiet happy with the output. The feed covered contest and what the performers were up to so while its not comprehensive it does cover a small proportion of the performers.

The feed pulls down the site a bit we would probably have preferred a listing of who’s on and what’s happening but it not the worst feed we have seen and is quiet mild compared to some others on our site.

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  1. Nim

    I went to check it out and as advertised they seemed to be real cams but its hard to say because while I watched the chatters were asking the people to do things but the one I watched didn’t seem to do what was asked so maybe this free adult webcam was taped

    1. Mike Walters

      Well, well, isn’t that interesting. I have had a further look, and while I can’t confirm it i’m definitely inclined to agree with you. This is a pity, and while you can use your imagination to pretend it’s live, you shouldn’t have to. Thanks for the honesty, Nim!

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