Fur affinity is a little Naughty but Interesting

Fur affinity

Now Fur affinity wasn’t submitted we actually found it by accident and it’s a little different to normal because it is not as hardcore as usual. We have decided to go and find feeds that people may be interested in because the submission quality was crap.

Heaps Different From Our Normal Review

We have chosen fur affinity because it is so different to usual that we had trouble deciding what category to put it in its a forum and a cartoon site and it has sexy looking animals . There is such a different range we have just decided to add it to our anime selection.

It looks like most of the cartoons are user generated with real content, not scrapped or stolen (as far as we can tell) while we didn’t become a member we realise that some of our web visitors would like this sort of site. The cartoons are all really well made and it is has tons of content.

Fur Affinity RSS Feed

You can access the fur affinity rss feed by clicking on any of the little rss feed logos at the bottom of the post. For instance you can see the sample below.

Fur affinity


But we suspect for the best feed you would want to join the site. We have taken the rss feed and added the last few post but really this is just one possible choice for feeds.

Fur Affinity RSS Feed: http://forums.furaffinity.net/forums/-/index.rss


Our rating And thoughts

We have given this site a great 4 stars but really its on the more mild side of our adult reviews, but still worth a look if you like anime. These are animal anime so Im not sure how that site with some of our readers but because of the quality of the content well worth a visit. The one problem is the site itself is a bit crap and old fashioned but that’s is the one drawback which is well and truly overtaken by the quality of the content.


  1. Carl-Robert

    For those interested in quality furry porn in a blog-like manner, visit my blog at https://furrypornblog.com . I basically post bisexual furry art and focus on actually good art with little comments under each image.

    I also offer an atom rss feed, which I’m submitting for this site as well. However due to using a free rss aggregator, it is limited to only 5 posts at a time. So if want to use the RSS reader of your choice, make sure it supports saving feed history and not just fetching the current one!

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