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If you’re gay and like your men as tiny little twinks, then has you covered. They have dove deep into the ocean of porn that resides on the internet, have check out thousands of videos, and pulled out only the best to suit your needs. XHamster has once again gone above and beyond the normal call of duty and have created a category for everyone, not just for the blokes that like their men to be big bears.Gay Twinks You Could Eat

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Not everyone wants to see a big monster of a man covered in muscle. Not just because some people like different things, because obviously, but more because it is more natural and a closer fit to the average standard of a male of this century. COming into the 21st century saw a massive increase in metrosexuals, and thanks to that boost in popularity, the twink porn has had a landslide of submissions. So check out the huge range spanning many categories over at

XHamster doesn’t like to charge people for happiness, and so they have provided for you a place to cum and watch unlimited porn of whatever your fetish is, for the extremely low price of absolutely nothing! They don’t want your credit card (or at least, they never ask for it), they don’t want your email address, and they aren’t going to force you to create an account just to watch a video. Nope, they want to watch them all for free, instantly , from your browser or smart phone.


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Editors Notes: It isn’t very often I give XHamster a hard time, only because they ahve a shit load of videos, and they don’t charge you a cent. That’s like complaining about what was given to your for Christmas, you didn’t pay for it so shut the fuck up and be grateful. But, this time the mistake is something that must be pointed out, and the mistake if with the range of videos on this particular RSS feed. The problem is that they have called it “Twinks Gay” yet after going through this feed in order to write about it, I notice many, many females within the feed. And I don’t mean gay female, or twink lesbians, no i mean ladies sucking and fucking cock, which is not what should be on this feed. But amongst those is the good stuff. So, whatever I guess.

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