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Glory Holes have been a favourite of gay men all around the world since the invention of room dividers. The premise is that you do not know the person on the other side of the divider, or at least, will never find out. This is one of the driving factors of the Glory Hole attraction, as it allows blokes to experiment and explore their sexuality in a relatively private situation. It also allows people who don’t really care about the personal aspects of sexual gratification, and would rather avoid talking, meeting, or getting to know the other individual, and this also helps people lower their inhibitions.

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For those that don’t know what a glory hole is, they are simply put, a hole to stick your dick in. They are generally found in public toilets, and places where both parties can find absolute privacy for an extended period of time. When one participant puts his penis into the glory hole, the other participant may either ignore it, slap it away, suck it, handle it, or fuck it. There are no rules in the glory hole scene other than if you receive, be ready to give.


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    1. Mike Walters

      I personally think Xhamster has a better range of videos in general, but redtube has much better quality videos. It almost seems like redtube is for pornstars and xhamster is for amateurs. Gloryholes are awesome though, give me any video and I’m a happy man.

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