gurgaon escorts

gugeon escorts

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Yep another site that submitted to with a shit rss feed


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Well what can I say as soon as I saw the write up this webmaster did I was sure the site was going to be a shit spam site. I must admit in the past I have been guilty of trying to dgurgaon escortso the same but now you have to build sites for customers first then search engines second. It is sad that search engines don’t pay for escorts because this site may be a favourite hangout for them. But as a human I was very disappointed He had the same  bullshit spread all through. I am not even sure the girls were real. He didn’t initial enter a feed but we went looking found a feed and started to check it out then the feed and blog broke. Fukn useless , then we went flicking around the site its not bad looking and fast loading but I am pretty sure Its worthless as a escort site. The only link he gets from us is to his broken rss feed so if he fixes this he may get some benefit from this submission. We are giving it one star but stay clear not worth your time.

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