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A Little About High Class Escorts, Escort Model, Escort Europe – Heavens Elite : Heaven Elite Provide High Class Escorts in many cities of Europe Escorts Escort Antwerp, escort Breda, geneva escorts and many more. We Deliver superior escort service with 100 % client satisfaction. European Escorts are very popular in Europe and it is 100% legal.

So our initial thoughts on the site looks like some of what this webmaster says is true but I am not sure how he can say it’s 100% legal because the number on the site is for belgium but the escorts are plastered through europe. It is a nice site and very professional but as always if you want to know more read on.High Class Escorts, Escort Model, Escort Europe - Heavens Elite

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The RSS feed is good and goes back to the blog section of this site but it is just a blog that looks like a bunch of seo stuff highlighted keywords etc so not really worth signing up to, not the latest models or specials just a bit of a write up about general stuff of no interest to us we want girls or in some cases boys. There are probably better feeds out there.

[rss feed=”http://www.heavenselite.com/blog/feed/” num=”5″ excerpt=”false”/]

What We thought of High Class Escort Heavens Elite Overall:


Well now to the good part what we thought of heavens elite high class escorts and why. Well our first problem is they didn’t give us a sample of their merchandise we have to use our imaginations and there simply isn’t enough naked skin to make an educated decision. So loss of a couple stars here another problem is they blur the face of the girls which is a crap way of hiding their identity, I would suggest they wear a lovely mask maybe a masquerade mask it looks nice and does all the hiding necessary but in a nice way. So we are giving this site 2-1/2 stars because there is not enough nakedness and no sex scenes also their rss feed doesn’t have the models sorted for location for instance a feed for Brussels a feed for Paris etc. People just don’t want general information they want the latest girls for that location, well that’s my thought an easy 2-1/2 stars.

Webmaster Name: Heavens Elite High Class Escorts
Site Hosting Country: United Kingdom
Web: http://www.heavenselite.com/
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