High Definiton sex with amateur content

Lots of videos splitted in categories, it has lots of amateur content but its arranged good… The best thing is that every day on this site you have a brand new content…

Editors Note: High Definiton sex with amateur content

Hdpussysex.com is a website that brings you cornucopia of videos straight from pornhub. The videos are high quality and plentiful in most categories. Their website has a nice layout and is easy to navigate. The templates are helpful and all of the videos seem to work perfectly, for free, and without too much advertisement.


This website is clearly trying to get in on the pornhub (PH) action. They are taking their videos direct from PH (a good move, the videos are great) and have designed their website to have the same colour scheme and layout as PH. Judging by the success of the website they’re trying be, this might be a good idea. My personal opinion is that original is best, after all, there is already a PH. But it’s very hard to be original in an industry with a million competitors. Hopefully as they grow they will change their website to be a little more unique.

This website is very, very new on the Google Registration (27.02.2015), and they already have a “complete” looking website, so I have high hopes.

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What We thought of High Definiton sex with amateur content Overall:

However, as I mentioned previously, there is already a PH, a fully established website that this (and most) website can’t compete with. So if these guys wish to be big, they must do something unique that PH doesn’t offer. This could be videos that PH doesn’t have, or descriptions beyond what PH have done, or maybe a sub-domain with just images of some of the actors/actresses. Either way, they’re going to need something else to offer if they want to be big.


It’s impossible not to like the videos on this domain, as they’re from PH. But hdpussysex.com need to make a logo or something. Perhaps an “About Us” sub-domain for those who want to get to know the website owners/managers better…

Notice how I’m just giving subjective opinions? Well, it’s hard to review this website, because there is nothing wrong with the videos, the layout, the fact that it’s free…but, I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like a new website, it just feels a new PH.


A Little About High Definiton sex with amateur content : 

One thing I can say is that there is the tiniest fraction of PH videos on this website so far. If I was to guess, I would say there are 150videos. Nothing compared to tens/hundreds of thousands on PH. Sure, this website is basically a new born, but they will find to gain traction with an identical website out there that is already established.


Something that has the potential to make this website amazing is their “2257” section allows user submission. This can make this website original and incredibly good to keep an eye on. Who knows when a video will show up on this site can’t be found anywhere else on the web.


In Conclusions: Look, I don’t like the fact that this is a doppelganger, but I also understand how hard it is to get started these days, and how hard it is to be original. The videos are good, the layout is good, none of the videos or links are broken, and the videos are free without any intrusive advertisement. I give this website 3 1/2 stars, which is quite high. It has the potential to  be something great.

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