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A Little About Hot Military Girls : Our review team actually found this website by mistake and might we say it was a pretty pleasant find. While not quite as hardcore as some of the other websites we have reviewed we think it will bounce its way up to one of the top ten positions on our best of listings.

The site seems to provide original content and photos and has been online for at least 8 months which is as long as the post go back that we could find. It is very focused on the chosen niche which is hot military girls.

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Hot Military Girls


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The post and website carry well written content that is updated on a regular basis they say with links to the best military porn online. But in reality it seems to go to a bulleting board on the same website. We checked out the board and there were some great images which again seemed genuine. The pages we picked on the bulletin board showed thumb nails and some larger images. But they seemed to lead to paid content which is not really a problem for us but we do prefer free of course.

Before I cover what we thought of the feed I check the bulletin board feeds which you can sign up to on specific post, categories etc. The problem is these all let to a paid section of the bulletin board. And because of this the images did not show in the feed just the links. :- ( sad face

Now the hot military girls rss feed is a good one and keeps you up to date with this part of the site which is a wordpess site. It carries the full content on each post. We tested it in slick rss and it give a good update and pleasant read nice pictures. Sadly most going to paid content although some do have more to tease your desires. Because theres not enough free stuff but still a bit of good reading and some sexy shots this one is getting a middle of the range rating. It is definitely a good site and feed if you like Hot Military Girls.

Webmaster Name: Captain Porn
Site Hosting Country: United States
Short Words To describe Site: HOT MILITARY GIRLS

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