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Swingers parties reminds me of the Bath Houses in Ancient Greece. Back then, a bath wasn’t used to clean yourself, it was used to relax and meditate (still widely used fro this purpose in Japan). So after you did your three hours of work for the day, you would meet up with pretty much the entire city, get naked, and lounge around the Bath House. Difference being that swingers take it a step further. Swingers will all lounge around the ‘Bath House’, but that is just the prelude to some hard core, all pleasure, not holes barred, orgasmic sex. The Ancients don’t have shit on that!

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Here’s Some Feed Extracts:If you haven’t fantasised about going to a swingers party for copious amounts of stranger sex, then you have no idea how boring you are. It is healthy to fantasise about just about anything. So stop being a snooty little shit, and come and check out some exclusive videos of sexy singles, couples, and groups of friends, as they make their way into a swingers party and bunker down for a huge night ahead.

Hunter Space Swingers
Hunter Space Swingers

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There is something for everyone in these videos. All you have to do is have a close look at what all the different groups of people are doing, find someone doing what you are interested in, and get a pumpin’. There is young and old, interracial, anal, DP, blowjobs, thin and big, tall and small, hetero and gay, and much, much more.

There is such a large range available, that i even managed to find a gang bang where a bunch of people were playing a game of cards on this ladies back, while two guys (also paying cards) spit roasted her. It was one of the most entertaining things i have ever seen, and I have only ever seen it at

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